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Improve your immune resilience to viruses and bacterial pathogens

In the heathy person there is a balance between

Anti-inflammatory immune system Proinflammatory immune system

In case of infection

· Proinflammatory response kills pathogen

· Anti-inflammatory response comes to support recovery.

Defense against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens comes from

immune tolerance and immune resilience

Immune tolerance is reaction on triggers:

Junk food Toxic chemicals Pollution

Immune resilience is your body’s ability to deal with the viruses and bacteria

Our level of immune resilience determines whether or not these pathogens will cause disease.

How to boost your immune system

- Diversify your diet with variety of food, include different color of vegetables and fruits

- Spend more time outside and increase daily activities

- Drink enough water

- Reduce stress exposure

- Personalized supplemental help depend on health status

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