In-office tests

On-site Laboratory Services

The lab offer a wide variety of important health and wellness blood chemistry tests. 

The on-site lab we work with,  meets the highest standards for quality and patient care. The lab is certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), a federal program ensuring labs meet those quality standards. 


Microbiome stool analysis.

The gut microbiome is the master control center of overall human health. BiomeFx™ is the superior stool test on the market because of its  highly accurate and based on whole-genome sequencing. This method identified nearly twice as many bacterial species compared to 16SrRNA method that used in the other labs.

Holistic Body Health Evaluation

 Appointment includes:

Whole body health  assessment  

  • questions about your health concerns, lifestyle, diet and family health history

  • inspection of your skin, nails, tongue, and eyes

  • in-office computerized screening tests 


The obtained information will be thoughtfully analyzed to generate individual health program

  • diet 

  • physical activity exercise

  •  stress management

  • natural treatment plan.


Recommended supplements will be evaluated with the bio-resonance Oberon-Metatron analyzer. 

We ask you to  have for appointment a list of current medications and supplements, results from any recent lab tests.

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