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Functional Medicine 
at Antalee 

Your Health Is Our Priority

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Dr. Alla Arutchev

Get In Touch With The Doctor 

Contact me by phone, and I will briefly review your current chief complaints, health history and answer your questions.

If you decide to make an appointment, I will explain what to expect from the appointment.

Together we will be able to get to the root cause of the problem and resolve your concerns.

       Call our office: 847 486-1130

Improve Your Health with
Functional Holistic Medicine



Functional medicine is a  model of medicine that originated from “conventional” and “alternative” medicine. Functional medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. Functional medicine is holistic in how it views patients and their problems and includes the core concepts of naturopathic medicine within its system. This medicine considers the whole body in an approach to health,  Functional medicine emphasizes lifestyle changes to fix health problems, such as diet, exercise, sleep patterns, stress levels, and other aspects of life. It is a natural and nontoxic approach to the therapy.


Functional medicine offers a powerful option to optimize your health and help with chronic health.

What is Functional Medicine

Conditions we treat:

We work with you on an individual base, reaching the underlying cause of the problem.
We educate you and provide  the most effective, science-based  high quality therapeutic solution.

Our Services

In-office visit.
Office consultation
Laboratory tests
After visit recommendations
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In-office consultation primary goal  is to get to know and understand your personal medical history and determine the root cause of the problem. Our focus is not only on symptoms but a holistic view on your health. The root cause of diseases is complex and depends on the individual constitution (genetic setup) and environmental influences, such as nutritional deficiency, emotional stress, physical trauma, poor sleep pattern, frequent infection, and toxic overload.  We also offer holistic  body health evaluation to people who are interested in wellbeeing                                                                                                         

Lab tests. We offer a wide variety of important health and wellness tests. Blood tests for complete blood cell count, metabolic health, lipid panel, tests for hormones, autoimmunity, allergy, food sensitivity, SIBO, H. pylori. DUTCH test for hormones, pancreas health.

Stool test for the GI  Microbial Ecology to assess the diverse gut microbiome, including information about the parasites, bacteria, and yeast, as well as assessment of normal gut microbiota and intestinal inflammation markers.

The molecular method (PCR) and immunoassays used for most tests are very specific and sensitive.

Recommendations. After in-office and lab findings, we create an individual health program oriented toward a healthy lifestyle: a specific personal diet, exercise, enough sleep, relaxation procedures, and meditation. If a person needs, we add Nutritional supplements to help with specific health issues and balancing biological terrain.​ One of the major health-destroying factors is stress. Chronic stress destroys the entire brain and impacts the brain's command over the autonomic nervous system that regulates all body organs  functions. Stress relief is an important part of our program.

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