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"Health is not valued till sickness comes"
                                                     Thomas Fuller


Nowadays more and more adults and children use complementary and integrative health care that is a holistic, natural and nontoxic approach to the therapy.
Integrative health care brings conventional and complementary approaches together in a coordinated way when it is needed.

Holistic care involves evaluating the health of all body systems, identifying risk factors and predispositions before the onset of disease.

Complimentary health care is based on:

  • Philosophy of health and wellness

  • Early diagnostics

  • Personalized program                                             

OUR body is equipped to replenish and repair itself and does not program to develop a disease.     

   Why to choose               complimentary and   integrative  medicine
Why our clinic approach to the health care is different


Antalee Wellness Center, Glenview, IL provides you with variety, the most effective, science-based,  preventive and high quality therapeutic natural solutions (www.antalee.com). 

If you are seeking integrative and natural approach to your health  Dr. Arutcheva using all her knowledge and experience will work with you to find your personal way to prevent and overcome illness based on her strategy:

  • Determine the root cause of the problem

  • Remove the cause 

  • Repair and Restore body systems balance

Dr. Arutcheva makes an effective assessment of your health condition,  will educate you and creates  an individual program to improve your health through the naturopathic medicine approach. 

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