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 Currently, people are not getting enough nutrients from their diets. Even those diets that seem to be the healthiest are not as nutritious as we think. Our soils have been depleted of minerals, our foods are over processed. We must continue to eat as healthy as possible; however,  to maintain optimum health, we must use some form of supplementation for those nutrients we are lacking. 
People begin taking supplements with good intentions. Everyone wants to get the necessary enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals for optimal health. Unfortunately, there is so much new information about supplements that people may fall victim to the “kitchen sink approach,” keep using and changing supplements after every new information in magazines or the Internet. 

However, supplements choice and regiment require a professional approach.
Dr. Arutcheva can develop a customized supplementation program after health evaluation using top-quality products.  It is also essential to know the dosage of supplements. The most beneficiary formulation cannot be effective if it is taken in inadequate dose. In our office, we use a special computer program to determine the right supplements and dosage. 

If supplements are not from a quality source, it may have little or no benefits.  We have a supplement selection that provides high bio-availability and free of additives.

We carefully search for supplements suppliers. Basic criteria are:

  • science-based formulations

  • compliance with quality assurance

  • safety for allergens and microbial contamination

  • free of heavy metals and pesticides

  • purity and potency

  • free of gluten and dairy

  • free of preservatives


  Our suppliers:

- ApexEnergetix™

- EnerHealth Botanicals

- The Health Gardian (CardioforLife®)

- Klair Labs®

-Microbiome Labs

- Loomis Enzymes®

- Premier Research Labs (PRL)

- Transformation Enzymes

- Western Botanical


All supplements are available for purchase at the office. We also can ship the products to you.