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Holistic Body Health Evaluation

Whole body health  assessment includes: 

  • questions about your health concerns, lifestyle, diet and family health history

  • inspection of your skin, nails, tongue, and iris

  • in-office tests listed below

  The obtained information will be thoughtfully analyzed to generate individual health program (diet, exercise, stress management, and natural treatment plan). 

We ask you to  have for appointment a list of current medications and supplements, results from any recent lab tests


                                                    In-Office                                                Laboratory tests



Metatron—Oberon. Telemetric Nonlinear Bioanalyzer

 The scientific discoveries underlying this method are energy conceptions of the body and weak low-frequency vortex magnetic field around all biological systems.

The device measures the electro-magnetic frequencies signals, coming from all organs, tissues, and cells. Then it amplifies signals, analyzes and makes a health evaluation of the biological object in real time.

Metatron-Oberon traces any conditions in the body through changes in the vibrational characteristics of tissues and cells.

This is a predictive and preventive method that is able to reveal early energetic changes preceding pathological shifts in the organs and cells. The energetic disturbance is an early sign of diseases and hardly can be revealed by other methods, such as ultrasound, X-ray, CAT, etc. The device is also able to determine the efficiency of supplements.




 VedaPulsePro - Digital Heart Rate Variability (HRV)  Analyzer.  VedaPulse measure pulse changes every millisecond within 5-7 min. By diagnosing the heart  rate variation, this device is able to evaluate:

  • Heart health

  • Emotional stress level

  • Respiratory dysfunction

  • Adaptive reserve rate and vital energy

  • Constitution (based on Ayurvedic definition)

  • Subdoshas balance. Five elements. Body tissues (dhatus)

  • Balance between Sympathetic - Parasympathetic and Central Nerve Systems

  • Energy flow in 12 meridians (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the tendency to lack or excess energy in the functional systems associated with the channel, 

  • Level of functional tension or functional weakness of the body organs and systems that can be a predictive marker of disease 

  • Marker for aging process                                              

Microscopic Blood Cells Analysis
Blood holds the history of the body at the cellular level. It gives information of the body tissue damages and inflammation caused by a variety of different environmental influences, parasites, yeast, acidity, free radical activity, hormonal imbalances, adrenal stress, mineral deficiency, liver stress, gut toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, dehydration
  • Anemia profile (CBC, Ferritin, Iron, v B12 )

  • Chemical panel

  • Thyroid panel

  • Female Hormone panel

  • Male Hormone panel    

                    Sample: blood                                          

    Autoimmunity   reactivity testing.  Measure predictive antibodies to determine autoimmune disorder of:

  • Gastric cells

  • Blood cells

  • Thyroid

  • Adrenals

  • Heart

  • Brain, cerebellum, neurotransmitter release

  • Arthritis

  • Arteries

  • Ovaries and testis

  • GI tract

  • Liver

  • Pancreas

  • Connective tissue

Sample: blood


  • Neurotransmitters

  • Stress profile

  • Melatonin

  • Endocrine profile (female and male hormones)

  • Adrenal hormones

  • Gluten sensitivity (gliadin profile)

Samples: saliva and urine


Nails and Tongue Analysis
Fingernails and tongue are two important markers of physical health. It can be a tool for early diagnostic of health problems. Nails and tongue are able to reveal the condition of major organs, it shows malnutrition, anemia, heavy metals and digestion discomfort. The tongue is a reflection of what’s happening inside the body. Nails are meridian points of the body, and they reflect on long-term problems.
Initial Consultation: Holistic body health evaluation.
Multivariate analysis of all body systems and organs     
2 hours appointment includes:

  • Lifestyle, Diet, Signs and Symptoms Discussion

  • Body's systems function and  stress evaluation

  •  Plan for Health Improvement and Recommendations

  •  Educational materials



1-hour appointment:                                                                  Free 15 min phone consultation

  • Follow -up

  • Digestive system and Liver/Gall bladder health evaluation

  • Parasites and Candida check-up

  •  Hormonal balance 

  • Urinary system health 

  • Neuroregulation, Brain health and Stress management         



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